This year was the 10th Anniversary of, to celebrate, all of the staff were flown from around the world to London, where the company first began, for a party. It was the first time in many years that all of Miniclip’s employees have been together in the same city.

In secret, 7 of us created a documentary to be shown at the party in front of all 130 employees, all filming was done out of hours, not even our CEO knew what we were doing. We were all dying to tell everyone about what we were up to, but we couldn’t, the shroud of secrecy had to remain…

Let me set the scene for you, Miniclip’s CEO Rob Small visits London on the day of the company’s big 10th Anniversary party for all the Miniclip staff. The documentary follows him for the day as he explored the city and it’s sights!

If you’re wondering about the technical side, we used my Canon 7D as first unit, shooting 720p @ 50fps, mostly with either a Canon 10-22mm lens in the places where there wasn’t much space, and a Canon 24-70mm f2.8L for the rest of it. Second unit was filmed on 5 Flip UltraHD’s also shooting 720p @ 50fps.

Behind the scenes

Miniclip Big Rob Behind The Scenes
Shooting at the Mint Hotel, London Bridge
Miniclip Big Rob Behind The Scenes
Filming riding a Boris Bike
Miniclip Big Rob Behind The Scenes
Filming at YO! Sushi
Miniclip Big Rob Behind The Scenes
Shooting along the Southbank, London
Miniclip Big Rob
Big Rob waiting to be interviewed

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