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Ok, me and Shane have been thinking about this for a while, we’ve come up with various ideas that might work. The problem is simple:

How do you stay awake for a very long period of time without needing to go to sleep?

A lot of people would suggest Caffeine or a Coke based product, this is good but it doesn’t give us the length we’re looking for, being as strange as we are and also being uni students we sometimes need to stay awake for days on end – either to wander about campus in the middle of the night or to do the odd bit of work that we are given every now and again.

This presents a problem, since the human body can’t store sleep, I mean it’s not like we’re camels and have lumps on our backs to store sleep in so we have to improvise. My original plan was to have Liquid sleep that could be drunk whenever you have to top up but this didn’t seem to go down well, perhaps a little bit too far fetched.

This morning though, while waking up at the insane time of 7am I started to think, instead of liquid sleep, why not just sleep in a bottle, it’s not liquid but it is in a bottle, does this solve the problem?

I’m sure there will be some commentary from the Ice Queen that resides in my comments so i’d check them out, she does want to become the cancerous lump on my blog after all.


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  1. Baggs

    Bottling implies something along the line of a pill or a draught. Too bad thi makes absolutely no sense… ever the poor Myles to think of something brilliant and not go on to explain or expound upon it. Too be fair though… he does make a damn good assistant gardener…. just in case the whole uni thing falls through. Cough cough like it is currently, “sandwich year” eh?

  2. “A lot of people would suggest Caffeine or a Coke based product, this is good but it doesn’t give us the length we’re looking for…”

    Who have you been talking too? Its called viagra… but I’m afraid you’re never gonna really get that length improvement that you’re hoping for… its just not feasible without some sort of revolutionary transplant…

    …maybe when I’m dead you can have my donor card…

  3. Shane

    Thats gonna have to be a big bottle, and it doesn’t solve the problem of avoiding sleep, just means you have a big bottle in your room.

  4. I DEMAND some sort of temporary navigation system or I’ll take my blog commenting ELSEWHERE!

  5. Whitney: It’s not like I was that much help, and since i’m your butler anyway I couldn’t really let you do it all on your own, plus i’m just that much of a nice person. oh, and you did kill them, just one stare from your evil eyes is enough to kill most living things.

    Lloyd: But since your organ would be a significant size decrease I respectfully pass on the offer, plus to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess what kind of disturbing places you’ve had that thing.

    Shane: Obviously you would take whatever it is in the bottle to avoid sleep, like a sleeping pill if you will.

  6. Baggs

    There is a logical flaw in your argument… You are living. I stare at you with my evil eyes. You don’t seem to suffer death the way other things do. Rats!

  7. It looks like i’m immune to you’re deadly stare then doesn’t it, and i’d seriously reconsider using the word ‘living’ in that sentence cause I would disagree with you on that one…