Never one to miss an opportunity to go back to New York and take photo’s, here’s a few from a recent trip.

This first shot was taken from Battery Park at sunset, I’ve always loved extreme sky gradients from dark to bright and once the sun set it left this amazing glow with the statue of liberty sitting there on the horizon. I love the negative space and the idea that something so massive is just a blip on the landscape from far away.

New York
The Statue of Liberty, in context with the rest of the universe

Switching lenses and focussing in on the status of liberty I love the silhouette of the statue and the cranes on the skyline, it invokes the opposite feeling, a statue towering over a work in progress.

New York
Sunset Behind the Statue of Liberty

Despite having been to New York several times I’ve never actually been on the Brooklyn or Manhattan bridges, in the afternoon we decided to walk over Brooklyn Bridge and walk around Dumbo. In the past I’ve always preferred colour photos to black and white, however with some things it just works way better than colour would have done, the underside of Manhattan Bridge is one of those times.

New York - Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
New York - Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge – Black and White

After walking around Dumbo for a while and grabbing something to eat the sun was starting to set, we decided to walk back across the Manhattan Bridge, normally I would be annoyed by chain-link fences obstructing the lovely sunset cityscape, and I was this time as well, but I tried something I wouldn’t normally do, I tried to incorporate it into the picture, so instead of making it just another skyline photo at sunset I tried to bring it into the story.

As we were walking along there were areas with lots of padlocks locked to the fence, we spent quite a long time walking along and shooting as we went along, so much so that by the time we’d fully crossed it was completely dark.

New York Skyline at Sunset
New York skyline at sunset
New York Skyline at Sunset
Padlock on the fench of Manhatten Bridge

I’ve visited the site of the World Trade Centre a few times now, the last time we were visiting New York we missed David Cameron visiting by only a few hours. But I haven’t been since One World Trade Centre opened. We decided to see what the view was like and wow is it nice, you can see 360 degrees at a hight of over 100 stories high, there is simply no better way to see New York than the One World Observatory, unfortunately most of the shots I got were full of reflections but I did like this one that gives you a bit of a look at the kind of view you get to see.

New York - View from One World Observatory
View from the One World Observatory

Well that’s it, who knows if and when I will next be in New York, even if I don’t come back I’ve got some good shots to look back on over the years.

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