A week or so ago I was part of a team filming the Torbay Carnival week (the team consisting of me and Lloyd). With the help of our on-site liaison – Sarah – we were privileged enough to get access to behind the scenes as well as all the best vantage points, oh, and get high visibility Herald Express jackets. Thanks Sarah.

Starsky at Torbay Carnival

Despite the weather the final day went ahead as planned, 2 local bands played on stage, the first one called The Keyz, and the second one called Starskey. One advantage of being with the film crew is that you get to stand in front of the barrier and get right up close to the stage….and even behind it.

Naturally I took advantage of the occasion and used the time to take a few photos. Unfortunately I didn’t get any of the first band, it was raining and I didn’t want to get my equipment wet, but after the rain eased off a bit I managed to get quite a few of the second band Starskey.

Starsky at Torbay Carnival

While on this shoot me and Lloyd were mistaken for Herald Express photographers….Just goes to show we know what we’re doing.

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