Note: This is now depricated and all links have been removed.

A while ago I started using Wercker to deploy all of my projects – it’s a fantastic tool, and currently free while it’s in beta.

Some of my projects use Sass. Since there wasn’t already a way to compile the .sass files in the build process, and because Wercker is awesome and allows custom steps, I felt compelled to create one for myself or anyone else that want’s to use it.

Sass Compile Wercker step

It can be added as a build or deploy step by putting this in wercker.yml:

     - mylesnoton/sass-compile:
         source-dir: $WERCKER_ROOT/public/css/saas/
         output-dir: $WERCKER_ROOT/public/css/

I’ll probably add more parameters so you can customise it and bring it on par with the sass command parameters, but if you want to improve on the minimal implementation so far, you can fork it on GitHub:

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