While technically my photography hasn’t spanned 10 years, I thought I would take some time to highlight some of the photos that I consider the finest photos I have taken this decade.

This post contains photos of Buildings.

New York Skyline
New York, USA – Shutter: 1/500 @ 21mm f/6.3 ISO 400

A wonderful view over the New York skyline, taken from the Rockefeller Centre in November 2006

Buckfast Abbey
Buckfast Abbey, Devon, UK – Shutter: 1/160 @ 18mm f/5.6 ISO 100

A tranquil Buckfast Abbey taken June 2007

Stonehenge, UK – Shutter: 1/200 @ 18mm f/5.6 ISO 100

Part of the historic ancient building Stonehenge, taken June 2007