Last month I attended the Facebook Developer Garage in London with two of my colleagues from Miniclip, of course what we didn’t realise is that it was being recorded – not until we arrived at least. Below is a one of the videos taken of the Pizza / Beer session of the conference – we were caught on camera from around 48 seconds in – but luckily didn’t get interviewed!

The moral of the story is this: No matter how hard you try to hide from the people with the camera, they always get you in the end…

Overall the evening was quite enjoyable, and we came out with some ideas for future / current projects, and of course it was interesting to see what the big guys like ITV and VCCP are doing with social media and Facebook specifically.

 The full post can be seen on the Facebook Developer Garage London Blog including videos of the talks by Ben Ayers from ITV, Buster Dover from VCCP and Iskandar Najmuddin from Nudge.

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