It’s taken me a while to get around to it, I’ve had an account setup for a while now but I’ve never summoned the energy to do anything to it, but I took the plunge and bought a pro account, as of now I have a Flickr account, there isn’t currently much up there (I’m still in the process of uploading more) but I aim to use this alongside the Photography section of my site and the¬†Gallery on my blog.

I originally wasn’t keen on it but after watching the Photowalking Videos that Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk made I’ve been converted, as Thomas said, it’s about getting your work out there in as many places as possible, my original concerns about having too many sites to manage and no one central location for visitors to see my work isn’t really much of an issue, although some tweaking may have to be done to make things a bit clearer.

I’m looking forward to using some of the applications that have been built using the Flickr API, and I may even start to have a go at using the API and integrate some features into my site and blog.

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