Since Facebook’s announcement of the Open Graph Protocol and Graph API at the f8 conference a few weeks ago it has been time to re-read the Facebook Documentation and try to work out how the new API’s fit into a few personal and work projects.

As part of that research I decided to fill a void in my development time – I’m forever trying to find the Facebook User ID of the user I am currently logged in as – and it doesn’t help when you have 10+ testing accounts, plus my own personal account. So I threw together this: allows you to login (Using the Facebook OpenGraph API) and it will immediately show you your current Facebook User ID, you can logout and login again with a different account and it will do the same for that one.

No personal data is collected or stored during the process – it simply looks up your User ID and shows it on the page.

Over time I will add some more features, the ability to see your Friends User ID’s perhaps and some other cool things that will help developers.

Hope some people find it useful!

Posted in: Development, Facebook