Following on from my previous post previewing some of the things that I’ve been doing for my final year project I wanted to highlight a recently finished feature that started out a small addition but ended in a nicely polished and useful feature to the project.

The Holiday Planner is part of the Customer Centre, the idea behind it is that customers can choose from a predefined list of activities to do on their holiday, these can be scheduled in either the morning, afternoon or evening. It is a visual representation of the activities that a customer wants to do while they are on holiday, viewed as a calendar. The calendar view makes sure that the customers holiday is always in the centre of the grid, calculating the amount of days needed before and after to fill the 7 x 5 grid.

CWSV Holiday Planner
Holiday Planner Calendar View

The activities can be added by clicking on a day that falls within the customers holiday, these activities can then be edited / deleted by clicking on them and using the AJAX pop-up that appears.

CWSV Edit Holiday Planner
Edit an activity

The main reason the feature exists is to strengthen the business case for the project by providing customers with a value to booking online beyond the convenience of using such a service. If there is any left over time there are a few additions I would like to make, the first one being the ability to export the calendar as a PDF for example.

Of course as a V1 feature there is no ability to customise the activities or add activities beyond the days of the customers holiday, however I think even without these things it provides a benefit to customers who will take the time to use it.

You will probably be seeing a similar idea on my Events area sometime in the future once I have the time to integrate and modify the code.