After nearly 2 years without a proper functional website I have finally got my finger out and created a masterpiece, I’ve made many versions over the months, some got shelved because I didn’t like them, others got shelved because of technical reasons, but I bring you my new site. There is everything you can expect from a portfolio site, showcase of my work, a selection of my photos and a bit about me.

My site and Blog now share a common theme, improvements to the blog are ongoing, the tags need to be sorted out – the archive pages aren’t working properly and there are a few IE6 problems, but the site runs fine on IE7 and Firefox so I’ve decided to roll it out now and sort out any bugs as they arise.

Before you ask, yes the banners on each page were taken by me. The one for this blog was taken on the Rockefeller Centre in New York City, one of my personal favourites.

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