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I have proven experience writing scalable Web Applications using many technologies, tools and languages to identify, build and optimise a variety of products. I have plenty of experience managing the deployment of code in a highly scalable environment, with Bamboo, Jira, Stash and Git.


Modern websites should be Smart and understand the device they are being viewed on. There is no longer a need for separate versions of a site specifically targeted at mobile devices, they should be aware, and respond dynamically, just like this one.


These are some of the projects that I have worked on outside of my day to day job, this is one of the things that I do to keep my skills fresh and try out new technologies.


Over the years working in such high availability and large scale environment, I've built up a significant amount of knowledge both in development techniques and also in using and configuring essential services required to scale. Below is some (but not all) of them.


I write clean, readable and efficient Object Oriented PHP. I don't mind writing documented either.

Data Storage + Caching

I know how to get the most out of MySQL (+ Maria DB), and when to use Memcache and Redis for caching.


I wouldn't be very good if I didn't know HTML (which I do), I use HTML5 + CSS3 where I can!


I regularly write pure Javascript (because you have to sometimes) and use frameworks like jQuery.