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For the most part we we’re left to our own devices, the first morning we met and walked to The Mall but the rest of the time it was up to us to decide where to go.

It was yet another early start, we decided to head a few blocks away from our hotel to the Old Post Office. The building used to be Washington’s sorting office but is more of a tourist attraction, we went up to the tower to look over the city from one of the highest points. One thing we’d learn’t was that all buildings can be no higher than the Washington Monument, this means that there are no massive high rise buildings or skyscrapers, the skyline in relatively flat allowing you to see for quite a distance in all directions.

Post Office Building, Washington DC

View of Washington DC

View of Washington DC

We decided that since we were in DC and weren’t that far away from the Pentagon Building that we would go see what it’s like. We knew what general direction it was in, the only problem was getting to it, we could have taken the Metro (the underground for those who can’t translate from American) but we would have missed all the cool stuff on the way. What we didn’t realise when we started the expedition was that the Pentagon Building isn’t actually in Washington DC, it’s in Virginia which is a different state, we only realised this once we crossed the state boundary, so technically we walked to another state to get to it.

Welcome to Virginia

The Pentagon is located near Pentagon City (who’d have guessed) it’s not very well signposted and it’s a pain to walk to, however there is a bridge with a sidewalk (which is a very rare thing) and the view from it was pretty nice. Along the way we stopped at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial for a bit, took some photos and took in the scenery, no matter where you are the scenery looks good, the Washington Memorial is pretty much the focal point of the entire city (as you will be able to see from a lot of my photos). When we finally got to the Pentagon we walked around for a bit, for obvious reasons we could only take photos up to a certain point and we couldn’t get very close to it but at least we can say that we’ve seen it in real life.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC

World War II Memorial, Washington DC

Washington Monument, Washington DC

In the evening we decided to take another walk around the city this time under the cover of darkness, we saw the White House which was nicely lit up and still as secure as a military silo, as one genius would have found out if he’d tried to do anything more than climb up on the railings.


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  1. Er… unless there is some sort of mid-season hiatus with your blog – the cliffhanger with this Day Two post was sooo amazing – I’m killing myself waiting to find out what happened on day three!!! I can’t cope!!!

    I’ve read spoilers that something with a convoy of cars or something for Big Bird’s motorcade or something. I’m skeptical whether to believe them or not. Normally I dont like spoilers – but I couldn’t contain myself – and I just exploded with enjoyment to find out any more information!!!

    Er – I think I just muddled two different stories up there – Oops 😉

    Hehe – You know you love it!

    Big Bird Getting into his car before his high speed motorcade (BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!!) –


  2. Shane

    I can’t believe you posted a spoiler, do you realise how long all of the fans have waited for part 3 of the Washington D.C blog, both of us are very very dissapointed.

    bloody blog pirates your costing the movie industry millions with your pirated blog and spoilers to major blogs.

  3. Sor-ry! But it was uploaded in Uzbekistan about 1 week ago! It’s not my fault America is always last to get damn blog posts – they should fricken release them at the same time! They’re just asking for people like to me to download blog posts on Bit Torrent…

  4. Shane

    well you see how funny it is when i report you the MBAA (Myles Blog Association of America) , then you’ll pay, and finally people can go back to reading blogs when they are realeased not off some dirty torrent site, before he’s even written it in America.

  5. Whatever trevor. I was simply backing it up incase of a sand storm swept through the country and wiped out the servers. The MBAA will thank me one day…

  6. Harry

    I’m with lloyd on this one. I just downloaded Myles goes to New York, sure it was a poor copy, but i can’t believe they killed off his character, can’t wait until that one gets released on his offical blog should be a good read.

  7. Thats a damn shame – I only saw the trailer for it the other week! He must have got axed due to low ratings or something. Damn industry nowadays – its all about the ratings!

  8. Shane

    That can’t be true, i must rush to inform the rest of his fans, i only hope bob is still online 😀

  9. Shane

    bob, it’s ok we still have that amazing high quality blog, that can be found at bring you up to date blogs live from charlotte north carolina, so no spoilers there.

    This reply was paid for by the lloyd england for presidential funding. Lloyd England the right choice for America!

  10. MBAA Representative

    I would like to take this time to highlight that spamming of any kind is strictly prohibited on these blogs. In the true interests of the MBAA, Myles, and the hit Blog TV Show – “Myles Noton: The amalgamation of my thoughts” – it was seen that “killing” his character was seen as the only logical story for this blog to go down.

    But, take note, we’re in talks with our associates in the UK, that come 2007, a spin off is planned where Myles in fact some how survives the team of hitmen monkeys and manages to escape back to England – keep it here for more official news – as and when it happens!

    Also, illegally downloading of these blogs prior to the scheduled release date is copyright infrigement. We have taken the decision to ignore violtaions up until now, but, from now on we will take serious action against those who violate these terms.

    MBAA Representative