Yet another early morning, when we woke up in the morning we didn’t have many plans, however after watching the news we realised the president was going to make a trip to Capitol Hill to make a speech about the emerging tension happening with North Korea. On the off chance of seeing something interesting we decided to take a short walk over to the White House, and we’d definitely timed it just right.

As we got closer to the White House entrance we decided to cross the road, but what we hadn’t realised at this point was that there was a roadblock further down and all traffic had been stopped. We took a few steps onto the road before hearing shouting and chaos. Police officers were telling us to get off the road.

Moments later this happened…

Washington DC
Washington DC

It was a little bit of a surprise. There’s so many vehicles involved in moving the president from one place to another, and naturally everyone looked very well armed.

The rest of the time we had available was spent walking around taking in the last few hours of sights before heading back to Charlotte.