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If you read the archives you will see a completely different landscape, there are posts dating back to the dawn of time, some good some bad, updates were pretty regular and some of them were heartfelt.

The further you get towards the present you will see less updates and less of the ‘good ‘ol’ posts that I was once famous for. It has been noticed several times and constant reminders have been given but the fact is life got in the way, I’m not saying there wasn’t time – I’m just saying that I used the time in different ways.

The ramp up to coming over here to North Carolina was pretty stressful add to that the impending terror threat it was hard to find the time to sit down, clear my mind and write a good post.

Since coming over here I’ve posted a few, but nothing compared to the past, like I said, life got in the way.

I’ve written a few posts on saying goodbye’s and leaving, and I guess you can call this another one, In less than an hour I’ll be leaving my apartment here in Charlotte and jetting back home into the sunset.

Of course in reality there is no such this as “jetting off into the sunset” we all know the metaphor, and using it within the context of going back to England isn’t really the right use.

The time I’ve spent over here has truly been a wonderful experience and I wish it never had to end, the fact is if it weren’t for things outside my control I would stay as long as I possibly could, the time has gone so quickly, I guess time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.

For all the people I’ve met over the past 4 months, to all the people that brightened up my day and to all the people that cared I wish you all goodbye, I wish you all the best in the future and I hope that someday we will meet again.



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