A few months ago I received an email from Kingston University about their scheduled applicant days:

You have been recommended to me by the placements office staff as someone who would be a good ambassador for the Faculty and Kingston University

The reason for the recommendation I assume was the fact I studied in America for the first semester but that line got me thinking, what was the selection process; were some people less likely to be good ambassadors? Was I chosen for my superior wit and intellect or just because I had a good CV? What were the entry requirements for such a position?, I don’t have much of a history brokering deals with foreign governments neither do I recall attending any functions in the name of international relations…

Months went by and finally the day arrived, these things are held on Saturdays because there is more chance of people being able to attend. The volume of people expected was in the thousands, me and Lloyd were just 2 of many ambassadors who were expecting the hoards of people to outweigh the amount of us there was to help them. We were outfitted with CISM T-shirts and armed with the knowledge that we would need and were on our way…as the morning progressed however it became clear that something was wrong…

The volume of people seemed a little on the empty side (for our faculty at least). For the first few hours all we did was direct Journalism students to room 41…a mere 3 rooms away from the CISM base room, we tried our hardest to convert these poor lost souls but to no affect.

After a few hours of standing and joking around with the other ambassadors about the ‘rush’ of people (or lack thereof) it became clear that the only thing to do was to walk around and look important, so we mingled with staff and attendees alike, it’s actually surprising that most lectures have a sense of humour.

In the end only 6 students that had applied turned up, leaving us with the odd tour to conduct and help with, putting the crazy person aside it all went according to plan although I suspect the next one (about 3 weeks away) there will be a lot more to do. There will be photos of the next one, and lots of our amazing CISM t-shirts 😉