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On Sunday at the MCN Motorcycle Show at Excel, London, this years MCN Babe of the Year contest came to a close. Out of the 6 finalists there could only be one winner, and quite a crowd gathered to await the result. As with the past 3 years the announcement took place on the MCN Live! stage and where better to get good shots of the contestants than right at the front – even despite the myriad of obstacles blocking the way.

Georgia Graham - MCN Babe
Georgia Graham – MCN Babe 2010

The winner of this year’s MCN Babe of the year contest was Georgia Graham who clearly was shocked at being announced the winner as of course you would be!

Georgia Graham - MCN Babe Announcement
Georgia Graham – Reaction as she was announced the Winner!

Of course, nothing is done without motivation, in an interview with MCN Motorcycle news, Georgia said; “I was bullied as school for being ugly, so I want to prove the bullies wrong by winning” – something that she certainly has done now.

After being announced the winner Georgia posed for photographers with her MCN crown and outfit, something that she will now be doing quite regularly. She is now the public face of MCN Motorcycle News for 2010 and as part of winning she also won a year’s modelling contract.

MCN Babe 2010 Finalists
MCN Babe Finalists

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  1. jessy

    I am not being funny here but is it me or is photoshop killing the biker babes and grid girls brolly dollys alike all over the UK? The pictures are put up on these comps and they are all airbrused and bits tucked in here and there.. So that when it gets to the live rounds you do not really have much to pick from. I make a point of not going to any events like this any more due to that. If we look at babes of the past before all of this photo technology you will see a big difference in the standareds. I am currently doing an online pole to see if this is the case i will keep you informed. I MEAN COME ON????

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    None of the photos above are photo-shopped actually, the skin has NOT been altered, their bodies have NOT been manipulated either – the only thing that was done was some white balance correction and a small amount of noise reduction.

    Given you’re obvious distaste for photo manipulation would you also like to see less make-up being used? After all make-up can be used to hide skin imperfections just as Photoshop can be used to remove them? Lighting can also be used to soften skin tones and filters can be used for all sorts of weird and wonderful things – none of which have anything to do with modern technology. Manipulating photos has always existed in some form, it’s just computers make it easier and faster to do.

    But alas for every argument there is always a counter argument – Photoshop is used for a lot of things these days I agree, but to say it’s lowering the standards of a beauty contest is really not the case – beauty is subjective after all.

    If what you say is true and the standards really have dropped (which I don’t agree with) then would it not be due to poor judging and choices on the organisers part?

  3. @jessy

    I can hardly understand the reasoning that a beauty contest today would be more affected by ‘alterations’ today than they would have been a few decades ago.

    Just look at photos of Marilyn Monroe and you can see that photo manipulation has been around and in wide spread use for decades – be that in the dark room or in photoshop.

    In any case, as Myles above said – these arn’t photoshopped so…!