Note: The site is still under development and some of the things shown in this post may be incomplete and unpolished!

Part of my Computer Science degree involves the design, implementation and documentation of a project of our choosing. As most of my projects seem to be along the same lines it only makes sense to keep it that way.

The site is a completely different site to the one that is currently online. I decided move away from the overload of photos and simply move towards a more clean and commercial style rather than a mere showcase for photos.

CWSV Homepage

Now a simple site obviously isn’t good enough for a degree project, even with some Google Maps integration and the implementation of the data provided by my own custom Event API it still needs more, a lot more.

So the site also includes an online booking system with PayPal integration for payment processing, availability checking and suggestion engine to suggest alternate accommodation if the one they choose is unavailable. Not only that but it also offer a Customer Centre to customers who book a holiday, allowing them to manage their booking, generate a parking permit for the duration of their holiday, create customisable lists of things they need to bring with them and a holiday planner so they can plan their holiday. Of course, all this is protected by the membership and login system that is also used on this site (one of the advantages of writing on Object Orientated code).

CWSV My Page
Customer Centre

And of course on top of all that there is a backend administration system that allows the owners of the business to manage bookings, create campaigns, view detailed reports on key aspects of the site to analyse the effectiveness of key areas and generally mange the entire site.

I’m sure I will share more once it is fully complete.