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An admirable suggestion for someone to make; always be prepared for it to rain on you’re parade, always be prepared for the unexpected and always be prepared for a nuclear disaster. Most of those suggestions are reasonable ones, things happen out of the blue, nothing ever lasts and nothing ever works out the way it’s supposed to.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to invest in a fallout shelter and stockpile tins of soup waiting for the world to come to an end, instead I’m doing the next best thing….

The government have bunkers deep underground to protect the people that are crucial to the countries running, the military have underground command stations from which they can launch a full scale attack on wherever they want, I on the other hand haven’t got access to this level of military hardware so I’ve had to improvise…

Announcing my very own Mobile Command Centre

This thing has it all, a desk for the mountain of paperwork that needs to be done, a map in case the GPS says to take a right into the Thames.

Mobile Office

Office line so I’m available to make all of those important office type calls

Mobile Office

A discreet cupboard to provide me with lots of storage for my paperwork

A Board room for the many meetings that are held – this is where the grown up stuff goes on

Mobile Office

A clock so I can see when I get to have some of the soup I stock piled

Mobile Office

A productivity meter, as you can see it must have been lunch…

Mobile Office

A reading light for those late nights…

Mobile Office

Fully functional alarm system…

Mobile Office

And finally a panic button, if banks have one I don’t see why I should go without

Mobile Office

And before you ask…no

I’m not selling it…..

Not even to you!


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  1. “A Board room for the many meetings that are held – this is where the grown up stuff goes on”

    Yes… grown up stuff… ahem…